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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Repercussions of Internationalizing the Chinese Currency, The Yuan


China has been working very hard to Internationalize their currency the last decade.  By saying Internationalize, it is meant that China has been buying property, business and banks as well as successfully dominating manufacturing and exporting to every country on the planet.

This accomplishes two things for China:  
  1. Wealth
  2. Power
Gold Coins, the only way to go
By Internationalizing the Yuan, they are essentially replacing the dollar, which has been the world currency for over 100 years.  If China is successful at replacing the US dollar then all countries purchasing and selling will use the most internationally dominant currency which is what China is working towards.

With this new responsibility, China will also be an affective dictator with international financial laws by use of pressure and outright dictatorship, a role that the very freedom loving U.S. has played in the past.  The U.S. having this influence over the global economy is much of the reason why many countries dislike the U.S.  The United States capitalist and free market laws and resulting pressure has not been a welcomed influence on more Marxist countries such as Russia and China.

In 2008 Russia and China had a conference and made an agreement between the two countries that they would trade based on a currency other than the U.S. dollar, which now has been decided to be the Yuan.  Since then the two have exchanged everything from petroleum to arms to washers and dryers.  Other countries have joined in at a varied pace as well, such as Brazil and Iran.  France and Germany have also toyed with it, however have not actually jumped on the Yuan train as of yet.

With the current economic meltdown of the west and the large sum of money owed to China by many of the countries in the west, many of us are wondering how China will play a role in the upcoming global society.

China, the Beast
Islam, the Harlot
In Christian biblical prophesy, it is said that the Beast, the right hand man of the Anti Christ, will institute a one world currency and force all humans to vow a spiritual allegiance to the AC or be an outcast and unable to buy or sell goods anywhere on the planet.  Then a methodical genocide will take place, hunting down all those who do not praise and worship the Anti Christ.

With this actions of China trying to internationalize the Yuan, it become clear to many of us what role China will be playing in the days before Jesus comes. 

If you have not found Jesus and taken Him as your Savior yet, time is running short.  Go to your local Church and see how they can help you.  Take Jesus as your Savior today!

Pray for Jesus to Come Soon

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