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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Neo Conservatives: A Progressive Wolf in Conservative Sheep's Clothing


The last several decades’ conservatives as a whole have not been happy with our choices. This shows in the Tea Party Movement currently occurring and now with many incumbents being voted out yesterday. We have asked ourselves if we vote for those in the conservative party, why do we keep getting the same result? Our country has been going farther and farther left in DC, while Americans remain center right, and yet the ones on the right are divided because we are confused. For example, look at the division within the conservative party about G.W. Some support him to this day, while others think he did not hold up conservative ideals in any way. We have seen one conservative after another say they stand for our rights, but yet fall to the wayside and we blame it on corruption.

The reality is that it is not corruption. That is too easy. The fact is that they never were conservative from the very beginning. They belong to a group of people who are called Neo Conservatives (Neocon), a Progressive wolf in Conservative sheep’s clothing who pawn themselves off as a conservative in order to infiltrate our platform much like they have in the Democratic platform as Progressives.

Neocon is a name I have been called more than once while in a chat room debating liberals.  Calling me this only tells me that they have no idea what a conservative really stands for and to be honest, I see a confusion within the Republican Party telling me much of the same.  Labeling is something I do not care to do, however, this is one label that is important because many people have no idea that this political group exists or that they are not conservative at all.

Neocon's first sprang up during WWII when liberals who also supported the Allies during the war were called the New Conservatives, or those who were Newly Conservative. Many of them were socialists who favored spreading American democracy to other nations regardless of cultural, economical or religious structure of that nation. Many came from The Social Democrats USA. After the war, they strongly disliked communism due to the McCarthy Era and also due to their strong desire to create a global capitalistic market, but they did favor socialism and a welfare state and remained very anti religious. Essentially, they are Democrats who supported the Allies during WWII. They were very patriotic and did not like the 60’s Flower Power seeing it as Anti American. This is the Neocon.

The Neocon movement played an indispensable role in how our country has become more and more leftist in D.C., even within the Republican Party. Because they support socialism, they are in fact Marxist in their ideals. Masking themselves as conservative, they have successfully integrated into the Republican Party and have cause a divide over the generations as well as successfully been able to move along with the Progressive agenda without being detected because they ran under the Republican ticket.

Neocons are not conservative, they merely call themselves this. They are Progressive, in favor of big government control, more laws, strong arming our ideals to other countries, and a global government. They are the reason that so many in other countries dislike America, because of their desire to unite the globe in the name of American-style Democracy, whether other countries like it or not. They are the ones who involve us in foreign wars and foreign aid causes that have nothing to do with us pushed along by their liberal bleeding-heart side kicks. Because of them we now can find many American stores in the Middle East and they are the reason there is even such a thing as westernizing the east. With their deceitful ways of running as a Republican, they have been voted in over and over and have succeeded in making America more and more global in foreign policy and less and less isolationist all the while promoting a welfare state and favoring business moving manufacturing to other countries.

A Neo Conservative:

  •  Favors Large Government
  •  Favors War
  •  Favors Foreign Aide to help other countries
  •  Favors the spread of American Democracy to foreign countries
  •  Favors Globalism
  •  Favors trading between nations
  •  Favors moving American manufacturing to other countries and free trade
  •  Favors Capitalism, especially on a global scale
  •  Comfortable with illegal immigration. May not like it, but its not a priority.
  •  Comfortable with a welfare state
  •  Comfortable with federal law as opposed to state law
  •  Comfortable with abortion
  •  Comfortable with Political Correctness
  •  Dislikes communism
  •  Dislikes anti Americanism
  •  Dislikes religion over law
  •  Dislikes isolationist foreign policy

Not surprisingly, most of our media who claim to be conservative are actually Neocon, living in the world of smoke and mirrors.

Watching for the Keywords below can help to distinguish between true conservativism and progressive Neocons. 

Key Words and Phrases to Watch for: 

  • Globalization
  • International Free Market
  • Foreign Aide
  • Profit over Freedom
  • Democracy
  • Bi-partisanship
  • Inter-anything (interfaith, interpolicies, intereconomics)
  • Working with the UN
  • Spread the Wealth (although most neoconservatives will not be blatnant with words, merely with action)
  • Environmental causes
  • Race discussion
  • Foreign trade
  • Boost another countries economy


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