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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Andrew Breitbart: RIP and Thank You For your Work

Andrew Breitbart died around midnight last night dropping as he walked.  He was 43 years old.

He had an interesting background.  He was adopted by a liberal Jewish family and considered himself Jewish.  His wife was the daughter of an actor who was blacklisted in the 1950's but who was a conservative Christian who was open about supporting Prop 8.

During the Thomas Clarence hearings, Mr. Breitbart had an epiphany and realize the facade of the liberal agenda.  He exposed ACORN and the unions being paid to show up and cheer for candidates and high school students being bussed to voting polls and told who to vote for.

He created several websites, all exposing different aspects of our society and the liberal bias and corrupt liberal agenda involved.  You can view all his websites on his main site HERE or you can click to the right on my Recommended Sites.

Andrew Breitbart had enemies, probably as many as Glenn Beck, in the liberal arena.  For this reason, I hope that his family does an autopsy. 

Thank you Andrew.  Your work will not go in vain.  You helped an entire generation of people and gave people hope.  You helped to stop many of the problems we have today in our country by exposing corruption.  

You have made America a better place and we all suffer because of our loss today.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Rebirth of The Holy Roman Empire

EU Flag

Mary with 12 Stars over her
head.  The Woman in the bible
with a crown of 12 stars is Israel
in Protestant sects and 
Mary in the Catholic Church.  
The 12 stars represent 
the 12 tribes of Israel.
Charlemagne, or Charles the Great, was a prominent figure in European history.  In fact he was responsible for creating modern day Europe with the division of France and Germany whom he bestowed to his two sons.  It’s no wonder that Europe would name many things after him and that he would be the subject of artwork and whose face and name would be placed on many things.  What this has to do with biblical prophecy is becoming more and more apparent.

The Holy Roman Empire

Charlemagne was the first to be crowned Emperor of The Holy Roman Empire.  One of the largest differences between The Roman Empire and The Holy Roman Empire was that the Roman Empire was in fact based in Rome while the Holy Roman Empire was mostly Germanic, and interesting fact considering WWI and WWII and the fact that Germany has one of the highest population growth rates of Islam in Europe today.  Both were influenced largely by the Vatican, however during the Christian Crusades, it was dubbed as “Holy” for the victories they collected on the battle field and to intimidate their opponents with the belief that they have super natural help from God. 

In essence, the Holy Roman Empire was Germany’s first attempt to unify Europe under one single ruler and is considered the First Reich, the Second Reich being WWI and the Third… well, we all know the history there.  Today Germany is considered the most economically powerful country in Europe, which sets the stage for the fact that we have already seen one of the largest biblical prophesies take place when the European Union was formed in 2009 and that the EU is in fact the rebirth of The Holy Roman Empire.

Unable to get the vote from all the citizens of Europe for a unified Constitution, the leaders simply held the Lisbon Treaty and passed the EU constitution without the permission of the people they preside over.  This was a celebration and they were very proud of what they had done and what this would mean for the future of a Unified Europe.

Europa and The Bull/The Harlot Riding the Beast
Europa Sculpture outside the 
Charlemagne Building
Although it is not confirmed when or why Europe was named after the goddess Europa by the Greeks it is rather telling when looking at end times biblical prophesy.  Europa was a princess with which the god Zeus wanted to marry.

Because she was chaste, he had to trick her and disguise himself as a brilliant white bull.  He hid himself within her fathers herd and when she saw him she mounted him and he ran to the sea  (NOTE: the bull and the beast both swim in the sea) and swam to Crete with her on his back.  They became husband and wife and he then gave her charge over the island of Crete.

This is very similar to the Harlot riding the beast which is discussed in biblical prophesy. Let’s break down the scenario of The Harlot and The Beast.  You can read the bible scripture  HERE.  

The Harlot 
  • Clothed in Purple and Red
  • Drinks from a Gold Goblet
  • Influences world leaders
  • Is spread across many waters
  • Practices Babylonian rituals with the mask of Christianity
  • Adorned with gems, pearls and gold
  • Has the blood of Saints and Christian Witnesses on her hands
  • Spiritually fornicates with the world leaders for power
  • Is a great city

The Ten Horns and Seven Heads 
  • They are Ten Kings
  • Seven Hills which the Harlot sits upon (Read about cities with Seven Hills HERE)
  • Receive authority from the Harlot
  • Their entire purpose is to give power and authority to The Beast
  • Will wage war upon Christianity
  • Will hate the Harlot for being deceptive, manipulative and will strip her down
  • Will unify into a common governance to hand over to the Beast when he arrives
  • Is the Holy Roman Empire

Harlot Riding The Beast 
which comes out of the sea
The Beast is obviously the Anti-Christ.  He is also represented as a little horn which uproots three horns or kings on the Beasts head.   The Harlot, which is a great city, is supposed to mislead the masses with their influence and the ten leaders are supposed to pave the way for the Anti Christ to sit in his throne to rule their unified world they have carefully prepared for him.  

The only city with seven hills that fits the criteria in the bible is Vatican City, however, Mecca and Jerusalem also have seven hills.  Over and over Israel is said  to be the land of God and will be saved by Jesus as the Promise Land, therefore we can cross out Jerusalem.  Mecca lacks international influence to the extent suggested in the bible, therefore Mecca can be ruled out as well.  Vatican City is the only city the Harlot can be.

The European Union is the Holy Roman Empire

A Marriage of Clay and Iron in the Feet
How do we know that The Holy Roman Empire will rise up during the end times?  In the Book of Daniel, he is asked to interpret a dream by King Nebuchadnezzar.  Daniel tells the king that he dreamed of a statue which had four parts, each representing a kingdom.  The first part was the King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon represented by the head of Gold.  The other parts are kingdoms in the future, the chest of armor and arms of silver, represented by the Persians, the stomach and hips of bronze represent the Greeks and the legs of iron represented by Rome.  

In the feet is where things become interesting.  The feet are still a part of the Roman Empire; however, they are iron mixed with clay.  While iron can crush anything, it is mingled, or married to a more fragile element.   

Remember that the difference between the Roman Empire and the Holy Roman Empire was the placement of power, Rome being the base for the Roman Empire and the Holy Roman Empire being based in Germanic states.  Germany has the biggest deposits of clay in Europe exporting more clay products than any other in the area. 

This is certainly a Germanic area to represent the Holy Roman Empire and coincide with the Clay mixed with Iron feet of Daniels Statue!

The ten toes on the feet are similar to the ten horns on the beast in Revelation, representing the ten kings which the beast will rule.  In the Holy Roman Empire, those ten kingdoms were Britannia, Gallia, Hispania, Italia, Africa, Pannonia, Moesia, Thracia, Asiana, and Oriens
As time moved on,  European countries started to seek sovereignty fueled by the gross misconduct by the Vatican after a series of bad popes and then the Protestant uprising and Queen Elizabeth I denouncing their alliance with the Roman Catholic Church.

Today however, the Holy Roman Empire  has been reborn under the name of  European Union. 

Currently there are several countries who are waiting for acceptance into the EU, some of them in the middle east and part of the old USSR countries which broke away from Russia, because they see that the EU is brings power that they are seek.

So, is the EU the Holy Roman Empire reborn?  I think so.  

Remember that Charlemagne was the first Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire?  The first coin for the EU had Charlemagne on it, the building which countries apply for membership to the EU is called the Charlemagne Building, there is a prize which is given to leaders who most promote European Unification called the Charlemagne Prize, a youth prize is given called the Charlemagne Youth Prize for kids who have done something towards unifying Europe and there is even a page in the Economist, a European journal that is about the Unification of Europe called the Charlemagne Page.  

Do those in the EU know what they are doing?  Absolutely.   

Let us look at some photo’s to farther prove that the EU knows exactly what they are doing.  

Greece Euro w/ Europa

Vatican Euro Ft. Pop John Paul II
First Communist Pope In History
and First non Italian Pope
in 455 years

German Euro with Eagle
The Eagle Signifies German Sovereignty
and Appears as a Rise Again Phoenix

Commemorative Euro Ft. Charlemagne

EU Parliament Building Resembling Tower of Babylon

EU Poster Ft. Tower of Babylon

Europa in Front of EU Parliament Bldg

In Spain ~ Notice Europa Holding 12 Stars

Is there a doubt in anyone’s mind that the end times have began?  Absolutely not! 

There will be some against the Anti Christ and he will not rule over every single land on earth.  For this alone it is important that America vote the right person in office, one who is not willing to hand over our sovereignty to the European Union and the United Nations.  We MUST VOTE for the right person.

When the end times begin, some people will be in the rapture and some people will remain to be called the Tribulation Saints and die a physical death because they refuse allegiance to the Anti-Christ.  Which ever path God chooses for you, remember that the only way, the ONLY WAY, for you to escape eternal torture, pain and suffering is to place your faith and trust in Jesus Christ.  

With Him there is eternal life, and physical death will be nothing but a transition from this life to the one with Him where peace & love reign and truth & justice prevail.  That is the life we all want.  That is the life we all search for.  that is what all of our hearts truly crave.  That is the life that only Jesus Christ can give us.

Place your trust in Him today.  It is never too late to be saved by His grace!

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