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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Andrew Breitbart: RIP and Thank You For your Work

Andrew Breitbart died around midnight last night dropping as he walked.  He was 43 years old.

He had an interesting background.  He was adopted by a liberal Jewish family and considered himself Jewish.  His wife was the daughter of an actor who was blacklisted in the 1950's but who was a conservative Christian who was open about supporting Prop 8.

During the Thomas Clarence hearings, Mr. Breitbart had an epiphany and realize the facade of the liberal agenda.  He exposed ACORN and the unions being paid to show up and cheer for candidates and high school students being bussed to voting polls and told who to vote for.

He created several websites, all exposing different aspects of our society and the liberal bias and corrupt liberal agenda involved.  You can view all his websites on his main site HERE or you can click to the right on my Recommended Sites.

Andrew Breitbart had enemies, probably as many as Glenn Beck, in the liberal arena.  For this reason, I hope that his family does an autopsy. 

Thank you Andrew.  Your work will not go in vain.  You helped an entire generation of people and gave people hope.  You helped to stop many of the problems we have today in our country by exposing corruption.  

You have made America a better place and we all suffer because of our loss today.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Are you a Subject?


I am just a subject. 

I go to work at a job that I feel is important because I help to keep the business afloat.   It is a small business and does not affect many, but I tell myself that it does.  I am not one who takes value in the fact that I own letters written in native language of my ancestors from the 1800's and that I am related to a preacher who rode with George Washington during much of the Revolutionary War.  However, here I am with nothing really of value, and content in my simple life.  I am here like all of us are, wondering how bad it will get and wondering how much cushion I have.


I am a subject, a hamster really, voting for one person or the other, thinking this food is better than the other when all the better food has is a better taste but no nutritional value.  I eat it and but never feel full, so eat more which they are too ready to offer.  

I am a subject, one who thinks somewhere in the back of her mind that those in charge deserve respect because I was taught to respect authority but I wonder why when I see their behavior.

I am just a subject in this world. We all are. We are all just expendable subjects.

But that is what they want you to think.

They want you to think these things in order to make you angry and revolt and cause turmoil and feel unworthy inside.  They do not want you to ever feel full.

The fact is that I am not a subject and neither are you.


We are all here for a purpose bigger than any amount of money or fame. We are all here for reasons that God decided and only the faithful will triumph. Teach your kids because they are the ones who will face this the most. They need to know that they are not subjects.


Subjugated means controlling the subjects of a regime.  It is a nice way of saying you are a slave.

Are you are subject?  Will your children be?

Pray for people to Awaken


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